Stephen Chanse
Singer-Songwriter / Musician

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Stephen Chanse is the solo name for Steve Wingerter because his last name is too difficult to pronounce!!! He is a songwriter/singer/multi-instrument musician influenced by all eras and genres of music. Here are some of Steve's original music efforts.  You can also catch him as part of the acoustic guitar duo, The Retreads, performing cover songs.

New Tunes

One Chanse EP

One Chanse is a short collection of songs written during COVID.   They were recorded using one mic in a room and one musician...Steve.  You can find these songs and more on Spotify, I-Tunes, Amazon Music and other music streaming mediums.


Back to his roots

Steve played the drums and percussion parts on the songs, many of which started with a drum beat alone.  He then added other instrument tracks until a structure developed.  Lyrics were then written and put to a melody.


Artist Info

Singer-songwriter ~ vocals ~ guitars ~ drums

Steve has been playing music since middle school starting as a drummer, then singer/songwriter and guitarist.  He has recorded multiple projects as a drummer as well as solo efforts as a lead vocalist and guitarist with original music.  Steve's passion is as a songwriter with One Chanse being his most recent project.  Also catch Steve @ 


Stephen Chanse

Cary, NC, USA


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